• We recognize the significant impact the school closure will have on the entire Hidalgo ISD community.  As school closures will extend beyond March 30th, instruction will continue through a Distance Learning Program -  Hidalgo ISD’s Academic Continuity Plan


    The Plan includes a hybrid of instructional methods that will allow us to support All Students including those with special needs or with limited access to technology and/or broadband services.


    While our classrooms are empty, our work on behalf of children continues. The health, safety, and well-being of our students, employees, and community remains the top priority at Hidalgo ISD.  As such, we have activated the Hidalgo ISD Academic Continuity Plan.  The Plan is grounded on our commitment to make learning accessible to All Students. 


    The district anticipates beginning instructional support outside of school through the use of electronic and non-electronic materials on Monday, March 30, 2020.  Right now we are working diligently to prepare our staff to be able to provide support and feedback to all students in our Pre-kindergarten 3 through Early College Programs.  Traditional printed material as well as digital learning options will be provided to help ensure the continuation of academic services.  Parents will receive further information regarding instruction from their child’s campus.  Additionally, our district and campus websites have numerous optional extended learning opportunities and activities that we encourage you to use free of charge.  We invite all parents and students to visit the district’s website and social media often for the most recent updates as we navigate this unprecedented situation together.