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Hidalgo ISD PTCB Program shines!

HIDALGO, Texas- Hidalgo ISD’s excellence shows no indications of slowing. The PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification) program is just one of the many bright lights shining for the district. Mrs. Erica Alvarez, head of the PTCB program spoke fondly after being recognized for its success. “We’re in year three of our program and the turnout has only kept rising. We had twelve kids last year, fourteen kids this year and our projected number for next year is in the twenties. This program has been a real eye opener to all the students who have enrolled. The students take classes on law, procedures, professional communications, customer service, life skills and learn the top 200 medications provided for customers. I’m a 10 years certified pharmacy tech myself and am very passionate in my teachings, the kids really seem to enjoy it and I can’t stress enough how great of a program this is for anyone interested in the medical field. With the additional teacher Mr. Alonzo that was provided for our health science program we were able to offer more courses and certifications like Phlebotomy and ekg/ecg (electrocardiography) on campus. I really want to thank everyone who helped with CT health science and administration for their cooperation.” The program like most programs begins alongside the school year and end during the year. Students must take the certification exam at least 60 days before the years end. The district has even had a former student Kattya Trevino pass the certification exam and was a certified pharmacy tech right out of high school. 

Lorenzo Lozano a senior at Hidalgo Early College High School who is attending the program shared his experience. He said, “This is a very fun program, it’s very useful and beneficial and I recommend this program to anybody who is willing to take advantage. We learned how to prescribe medications and what the abbreviations mean on doctors notes and orders, they’re not just scribbles and signatures that they’re writing, they have significant meaning. I plan to take the certification exam later this school year and hopefully pass, because I really love the idea as working as a pharmacy tech alongside my studies in college, it would not only help me financially but will give me some much-needed experience in the field. Sure, it’s rigorous and challenging but even those who didn’t pass the certification exam in past years were still grateful for the program because they transitioned into college with so much knowledge and were way ahead of the game. I really feel that this program has prepared me for what’s next and I feel confident for what’s to come.” Hidalgo ISD to have a handful of students become certified pharmacy technicians by the end of the school year. 

Daniel Guerra