Hidalgo Early College High School art students participate in VASE!

     Hidalgo ISD’s Early College High School fosters creativity and innovation by integrating art into their curriculum, creating well-rounded, well-prepared leaders and learners.
     To build the students’ confidence and challenge their creative drive, art teacher, Rocio Guerrero encouraged the students to participate in the Texas High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE).
VASE’s purpose is to is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing high school art students and programs with a standard of excellence in which to achieve.
     The following students participated: Ana Ramirez, Sophomore, Division 1 earned a medal and is heading to State next week, Krizia Leal, Freshman, Division 1 earned a medal,Chelsea Sepulveda, Freshman, Division 1 earned a medal, Samara Duarte, Junior, Division 2 earned a medal, Melina Dominguez, Junior, Division 1 earned a medal, Allyson Anderson, Senior, Division 3 earned a medal, Leslie Mendoza, Senior, Division 2 earned a medal, Senior, Yoami Gonzalez, Junior, Diana Garza, Freshman, Cassandra Roque, Junior, Cassandra Alonzo, Sophomore, Niloofer Carmona, and Senior, Arcadio Anzaldua.
     Prior to this event, students created an art piece, wrote about their process, and articulated information about their artwork to showcase it during an interview with a VASE juror, who evaluated the students’ work using a standards-based classification; one being the lowest, while four being the highest score.
     As Ramirez prepares for state competition next week, Guerrero expressed how proud she and the entire school district are of her and her huge accomplishment, as it marks its first VASE state competition for Hidalgo ISD.
     “For the first time in seven years, since I’ve been working here at Hidalgo ISD, this is the first time that I know we’re on the map in the sense of Visual Fine Arts in all twenty-nine regions of Texas, to compete in a state competition,” expressed Guerrero. “This competition is a proud moment because our students are important and I want to demonstrate to our students that the dream does not stop in the sketchbook, or the classroom, rather, they can go places with their artwork even when they think no one is looking.”
     Hidalgo Early College High School strives to build confidence, overcome adversity, and develop a sense of identity and purpose within the student body, even when it seems impossible.
     “Although I quit and decided to not pursue this competition, my friends inspired me to jump back on board, and make a huge comeback into the competition, and look, I’m now heading to State,” said Sophomore and State-Bound, Ana Ramirez.
     The students, just like Ramirez, were thrilled to be part of this event, in which it had the ability to inspire and empower them in their own distinctive way, while meeting other students throughout the region.
     “In the event itself, you get to meet a lot of artists from different walks of life and collaborate ideas and feedback,” expressed Ramirez. “I feel very confident about my art piece, and I know that the state competition will be a great experience!”
     For the students, the Texas High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event served as a reminder of the resilience and courage that the students possess.