More than just a Choir Class!

Monitor Story             Hidalgo ISD’s Dr. Alejo Salinas Jr. Elementary School offers a distinctive choir class for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students, as a distrcit that is always seeking for ways to enhance a student’s education. “Our choir program consists of singing and this year we have incorporated instruments as well,” said Alejandro Padron, Salinas Elementary music coordinator. “We are working with the recorder, xylophone and drums.”

Incorporating choral music into a student’s education is significant because it provides them with a well-rounded education. Choir teaches students more than just singing or playing an instrument. “I love coming to choir class because I get to learn something new everyday while I get to spend time with my friends,” said 4th grade student, Ivan Lopez. Music instruction has multiple benefits. It helps boost the memory, concentration, the ability to focus, and the importance of teamwork. It also improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Music instruction contributes to academic success which is why choral music has held a prominent position in America for many years now.

monitor story“I really like choir because I like spending time with my friends while we sing and learn how to play new instruments,” said 5th grade student, Axel Sanchez. Padron’s choir class has taught the students the importance of unity and teamwork, proper vocal technique, how to read music notes, and confidence in performing in front of an audience. Music helps students’ self-esteem flourish, builds essential skills, and friendships.

Padron’s choir class consists approximately of twenty energetic students who are always eager to learn. “At this time, we are learning new songs for the festival of lights,” Padron adds. “We will be performing songs such as ‘Jingle Bells,’ ‘Jolly Old St. Nicholas,’ and ‘Christmas in America!’” The festival of lights will be their first performance this year. “I’m so excited about our Christmas performance and I know we are going to do great!” declares 3rd grade student, Lexi Sanchez. “Mr. Padron is very smart and has been helping us with our songs, dance moves, and our instruments.” This performance will showcase all the students have been working on this year.

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Music is an art, it entertains, and is a powerful remedy for the body and soul. “I love choir because I get to sing cool songs and have fun while still learning,” Lopez adds. “Music makes people happy, and I encourage other students to join choir so they can learn about music, how to play an instrument, and make new friends!”