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HISD Hall of Fame

The Hidalgo I.S.D. Hall of Fame was established in July 7, 1986. The Purpose of this endeavor is to recognize students, employees, community members, school organizations and groups whose achievements and contributions are beyond the exemplary. Those achievements are at such high level that the entire Hidalgo I.S.D. and Hidalgo community are also recognized and promoted in a very positive light.

Must have outstanding Contributions to the District in:

  1. Student Achievements
  2. Academic Achievements
  3. Athletic Achievements
  4. Community Contributions
  5. Employment Service & Dedication
  6. Special Honors
  7. District Recognition
  8. Voluntary Service

Candidates for the District Hall of Fame are nominated and go through an established process and are ultimately an anonymously selected by the Board of Trustees at a regular board meeting.