Hidalgo ISD senior earns Border Patrol 'Head of the Class' distinction!

     As the academic year draws to a close, seniors across Hidalgo Early College High School are on the horizon of a significant milestone: graduation. With the final stretch and preparations towards graduation, seniors prepare to bid farewell to one chapter of their lives as they begin to embark on the next.
     Amongst the numerous preparations for the end of year, there's a distinct sense of reverence for those who have achieved not just academic excellence, but also the accomplishment of securing scholarships.
     Senior, Airam Pozos was nominated by school administration for the ‘Head of the Class’ to compete for the ‘Youth of the Year’ scholarship that was led by her hard work, dedication, and resilience which in return have earned her more than just accolades.
     “Receiving the ‘Head of the Class’ award and being eligible for the ‘Youth of the Year’ scholarship is an incredible honor!” exclaimed Pozos. “It validates my hard work throughout my high school career. Beyond the recognition, it's a profound affirmation that my efforts have made a meaningful impact and that my potential is being acknowledged.”
     A total of 64 students, including Pozos throughout the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) were recognized by the Border Patrol Agency. Out of those sixty-four students, only five will be selected to move forward and earn the ‘Head of the Class/Youth of the Year’ scholarship.
     “The scholarship program is entering its 27th year and continues to enrich students from high school campuses throughout the Rio Grande Valley,” explained Border Patrol Agent, Juan G. Ramos III. “Students from sixty-four High Schools in the RGV were recognized as ‘Head of the Class,’ and they were nominated by high school personnel to compete for ‘Youth of the Year’ scholarships.”
     The Border Patrol will announce the ‘Youth of the Year’ scholarship recipients within the next two weeks.
     This act highlights the agency's commitment to education but also emphasizes the power of collaboration between law enforcement and local communities.
     Moreover, this donation represents more than just monetary assistance. It builds a partnership between the agency and the local community, showcasing a shared commitment to investing in the future of the youth.
     By supporting education initiatives like this scholarship, the Border Patrol Agency is contributing to the growth and development of future leaders, igniting a path of greatness.
     “The students chosen as ‘Youth of the Year’ are dynamic, ambitious, and dedicated leaders, not only academically but in their communities as well,” Ramos said. “The ‘Youth of the Year’ scholarship was created to enhance our ‘Head of the Class’ program and provide an incentive for students that are eager to achieve more.”
     Ramos strongly believes that together as a community, they can empower the youth, cultivate future leaders, and create a more inclusive and prosperous society for generations to come. Especially providing students with the support they may need to further pursue their education.
     “With the support of the scholarship, I could pursue my academic aspirations with more focus and determination, unburdened by financial worries,” Pozos declared. “It’s a chance to explore new horizons and contribute meaningfully to society. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and even if I do not receive the scholarship, I am proud of what I have accomplished so far.”