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Vendor Information

Welcome to Hidalgo Independent School District Purchasing Department. Thank you for your desire to do business with Hidalgo ISD. HISD has a centralized purchasing operation, which requires the release of purchase orders prior to the delivery of supplies or services. HISD is not responsible for verbal orders placed by employees without a purchase order and/or outside the Purchasing Department.

All bids are opened in the board room during School Board Meetings, unless specified otherwise in the bid package. Formal bids notices are mailed to vendors registered with the HISD Purchasing Department to sell particular goods or services, and are normally advertised on Tuesdays and Thursdays in The Monitor and posted on the Hidalgo ISD website. Bids are due at the Hidalgo ISD Business Service Office at the time specified on the bid package. The due date and time of the bid applications are regulated by a finance clock located at the Business Services Office. It is the responsibility of the vendor to synchronize their time with the finance clock in order to assure their application is submitted on time. Only bids received by the date and time specified will be considered.

A Vendor Application form can be obtained in the Quick Links tab. Please complete the vendor application form for submitting or updating your organization's information. Please identify the commodities that your organization sells. The Vendor is asked to send an original document and a copy. The Vendor Application may be submitted via e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] . In the future, it is anticipated that HISD Purchasing Department will do more electronic bid notifications through internet e-mail, therefore please indicate your e-mail address on your vendor application form.

The HISD Purchasing Department operates under the highest ethical standards and awards contract and services based on the overall best value to the district. If you have questions about the bid process, please contact our office.

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